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Craig Parker (NOT)
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[crossposted to the_retreat and ret_erossum]

Craig had situated himself on a patch of grass with a book. One he wasn't quite reading; it was more an excuse to watch the passers by for fun prospects. The Retreat, he had decided, suited him quite well. He'd even looked up an old mate.

It was while involved in watching someone else...Collapse )

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[crossposted to ret_erossum and ret_cparker]

It was a quiet morning at the small cafe. Emmy sat in a plush seat, her feet curled up beneath her. There was a large cup of cappuccino on the low coffee table in front of her along with a bagel sandwich only half eaten. Balanced on the arm of the chair was a notepad where she was writing periodically as thoughts struck her. She was unaware of any attention she was garnering from anyone else in the small cafe known as Chesapeake Cafe. If she had been, she was liable to have packed up her things and hurried out of there.

Craig had swung into the place with that energy of his that made you positively sick; while elegant and arrogant, he was possessed of a certain amount of charisma and presence that was almost irritating to some. Not that he gave a flying fuck, really. He'd spotted Emmy when making for a table, coffee in hand, and had paused, leaning against his chosen table for several moments.

Gorgeous littl thing, she definitely was...Collapse )

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